When expertise meets enthusiasm.

Every part is an award winner.

Passion makes us unmistakable. As we don’t just offer quality and accuracy, but investment cast at its very best too. Made by people who understand their craft. High-quality like a unique items – and yet always ready for a series. Precision remains the same. With a quality guarantee that a series production needs. And the flexibility that makes it fit for the future.

PROTECT YOUR PRODUCTION in times of crisis!

Your partner with domestic production!

Schubert & Salzer Feinguß Lobenstein GmbH takes the corona crisis very seriously. We monitor daily developments and do our best to offer you the usual service and to maintain a stable delivery. Thanks to our regional sources of supply, our extensive and intensive precautionary measures, but also due to our rural location, we can handle the procurement risks well with our domestic production.

No fear of closed borders!

The  Virus SARS-CoV-2 meets us all with new challenges. In China and also in Europe, entire cities are quarantined. Flight bans were pronounced and the borders closed.

Production has come to a standstill in many companies worldwide. How long the condition will last cannot be estimated. There are noticeable delivery obstacles. Many European companies are already feeling the effects. The current situation reveals the vulnerability of global value chains. In previous crises, for example in the SARS epidemic, Chinese courts have repeatedly judged Force Majeure in favor of Chinese producers when it comes to compensation claims. The complete procurement of components from such countries can pose high procurement risks in times of crisis.

Partial production in Germany helps to make your risks manageable.

Your back-up production in Germany!

If you experience delivery bottlenecks or even a delivery standstill from international sources, we can help very quickly and easily. Feinguss Lobenstein is able to set up an alternative process chain in the shortest possible time. Sufficient production capacities and personnel are available for fast, high-quality production. Even without tool production, we can, if necessary, manufacture certified castings in-house from additive manufacturing. In our in-house tool production, we can produce alternative tools in the shortest possible time. We have all production and testing options available in the Bad Lobenstein foundry.

Use our German manufacturing as an active part of your risk management! We are here for you!

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When expertise meets passion

We are passionate about your success. Perfection is our maxim. Whether it’s highly complex or extremely delicate – we find the optimal product for every product. It doesn’t matter if you only require an unfinished part from us or CNC processing including surface treatment. Or if you assign full assembly fitting to us. We offer you everything from a single source.

Your individual requirements are law as far as we are concerned. We develop a precisely accurate and cost-effective solution in discussions with you.

  • Engineering


    Have you ever wondered what constitutes the real art of engineering? It’s a combination of experience and creativity, tradition with state-of-the-art technology. There’s also the ability to always think in a new way to develop extraordinary ideas and amazing solutions. And all that at predictable, reasonable prices. Get ready to be surprised.

  • Rapid prototyping

    Do you really need to get a move on? Then we offer rapid prototyping. Physical materials can be manufactured from digital data with this 3D printing method – at high speed.

  • Investment casting

    Being innovative is what we do on a daily basis. We aren’t one of the most state-of-the-art customer-focused investment casting plants in Europe for nothing, and we deliver cast parts from an exceptionally large range of standardised and customer-specific types of steel.

  • Further processing

    We don’t just see ourselves as casters, we also take on various steps in the finishing process. For instance, our services include mechanical, thermal, electro-chemical or physical treatment of your cast part. Just hire us to do further processing. As a system supplier, we offer you all services from a single source, in a straightforward manner.

  • Series production

    It doesn’t matter if it’s an individual part or series production: We offer top quality, cast part after cast part. By delivering sample parts, we ensure that all steps can be reproduced in the manufacturing process. Thus, the cast part and process workflow are ready for series production. After the sample parts have been approved by the customer,...

  • Quality assurance

    Quality is our top priority. We work according to international standards with quality management systems DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 and VDA 6.1:2016. Optimising manufacturing processes, regulated organisation structures, great relationships with customers and suppliers: We continually make sure of this – and thereby ensure...

  • Documentation

    Transparency in the manufacturing process is important to us. This is because, as a customer, you should be able to feel safe in the knowledge that our material meets your requirements at all times. That’s why we place importance on comprehensive documentation that accurately shows all requirements for the product. You can check this at any time...


When quality creates excitement

Whether it’s really small or particularly large, weighing just a few grams or sixty kilos, with an incredibly complex shape or simple elegance: Or investment casting parts are as individual as the requirements they are made for. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the ICE, in an Airbus, in the lab or the x-ray machine: Our products are reliable, tailor-made and precise.

Find out more about our services in different sectors.

  • Medical technology

    Complex technology at the highest level: Lives are saved day after day in medicine. So interaction between all components has to be seamless. We make sure of that – with exceptionally precise materials of the highest quality.

    We offer:

    • Corrosion resistance
    • No burrs and edge rounding
    • Visible area
    • (high-) quality surface
    • Materials for sterile application

    Areas of use:

    • Operating equipment
    • Dentistry
    • X-ray machines
    • Dentist chairs
    • Medical instruments
    • Lab technology
    • Medical accessories

    Product examples:

    • Joints for operating tables
    • Surgical instruments
    • Device holders
    • Eccentric levers
  • Rail vehicles

    In order to reach high speeds without any effort, all components needs to be optimally coordinated. We provide the foundations: Weight-optimised materials in variable geometry that adapt beautifully to the respective assembly. Checked by experts of course.

    We offer:

    • A great deal of design flexibility in terms of shape
    • Weight optimisation
    • Comprehensive documentation, this can also be multilingual, and all processes can be traced
    • Parts requiring licensing with acceptance from an expert (incl. DB acceptance, TÜV)
    • In-house quality tests
  • Food industry

    Non-porous surfaces that are as smooth as glass, even with complex geometry: Food manufacture puts stringent requirements on materials. Our materials have to withstand the most aggressive cleaning agents, where no chemical residues are allowed to settle on the surface. Extremely robust materials with very special properties are required – and this challenges us to keep developing the optimal alloy time and again.

    We offer:

    • Corrosion resistance
    • Non-porosity
    • Polished and ground surfaces
    • Special materials / material development
    • Materials for sterile application
    • Manufacturing parts in contact with media

    Markets/areas of use:

    • Meat processing
    • Sausage and cheese preparation
    • Pasta processing
    • Smoking ovens
    • Bottle filling systems
    • Vacuum filling machines
    • Fruit and vegetable processing
    • Dairy products
    • Pumps
    • Oven and baking technology

    Product examples:

    • Wolf housing
    • Meat grinding screws
    • Fence frames
    • Mill housing
    • Blades
    • Meat hooks
    • Hinges
    • Switching shafts
    • Pump housings
    • Feed screws
  • Machine and system construction

    Do you want to produce something that saves on material, and is cost-effective? This is no problem with investing casting. As we can fully cast whole assemblies without having to weld or rivet. In doing so, hardly any excess material is produced. This how we keep work steps to a minimum – and you save time and money.

    We offer:

    • Cell inlays for rotary filter (chemistry)
    • Measuring heads
    • Impellers
    • Suction and thrust washers
    • Catching wedge

    Areas of use:

    • Textile, printing and packaging machines
    • Storage, filter and drive technology
    • Pumps
    • Machines in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry
    • In-feed systems
    • Industrial robots
    • Lifts
    • Tool machines
    • Power tools
    • Burners

    Product examples:

    • Wolf housing
    • Meat grinding screws
    • Fence frames
    • Mill housing
    • Blades
    • Meat hooks
    • Hinges
    • Switching shafts
    • Pump housings
    • Feed screws
  • Aerospace

    Our components are subjected to enormous loads in aeroplanes. Safety is our ultimate maxim in this case. Ultimately, it’s about people who want to get to their destination safe and sound. Extreme caution during manufacturing, rigorous quality checks and process safety are a given for us. You can count on it – we would be happy to confirm this by painstakingly documenting all process steps.

    We offer:

    • Process safety
    • Manufacturing parts relevant to safety
    • Documentation / crack and x-ray test
    • Special materials
    • Dimension accuracy
    • Safety range D III

    Areas of use:

    • Aeroplanes
    • Gliders
    • Airbus A320

    Product examples:

    • Lock for luggage flap
    • Locking elements for doors in the AIRBUS A320
    • Tow coupling
  • Car industry

    Heat resistance and stability are some of the most crucial requirements for car manufacturing materials. Special alloys prevent corrosion at high temperatures. During large series manufacture, we ensure quality that always stays the same, and total commitment to deadlines.

    We offer:

    • Heat resistance and stability
    • Resistance to heat and acids
    • Documentation: ppk, cpk
    • Process stability
    • Series stability
    • Sampling variability (PPAP)
    • Prototype construction
    • 3D printing
    • Miniature and large series

    Areas of use:

    • Flue gas technology
    • Additional heating
    • Canopies
    • Turbochargers

    Product examples:

    • Pump housings
    • Lambda sensor nozzles
    • Throttle valves
    • Flared bottoms
    • Flanges
    • Flue gas nozzles
  • Closing and safety technology

    Whether it’s an individual piece or an assembly – we offer manufacturing and finishing from a single source. The product that is ready to install is at the end of the line. In doing so, we impress with a high degree of dimension accuracy. Cleanly cast bits and edges, extreme accuracy of it, even with complex geometry: Our materials can be assembled instantly without any reworking and blend in with existing assemblies perfectly.

    We offer:

    • Assemblies that are ready to install
    • Metal cutting and surface treatment
    • Accuracy of fit
    • Serration
    • Complex geometries
    • Unit weight from 1 gram can be achieved

    Areas of use:

    • Closing systems
    • Locking system for the cooling and air conditioning industry
    • Door systems and technology
    • Locking, fittings, closing systems

    Product examples:

    • Safety bolts for windows and doors
    • Lock and bolt nuts
    • Recess handles, turning levers, detents
  • Communal technology

    Versatility is the trump card in investment casting: We can cast any geometrical shape for you – the areas of applications are extremely varied. Just tell us what you need and your individual requirements. Wear-resistant materials, weight-optimised cast parts and replacing assemblies with a single, compact cast part saves time and money. Come and talk to us – we always find a tailor-made solution.

    We offer:

    • Design flexibility
    • Functional integration
    • Cast part optimisation due to weight reduction
    • Wear-resistant materials
    • Assembly substitution

    Areas of use:

    • Floor-borne and communal vehicles
    • Construction machines
    • Mobile cranes
    • Piste bashers
    • Engines
    • Torque converters
    • Coupling systems

    Product examples:

    • Hinges for digger doors
    • Clamping parts for digger cubicles
    • various attachments
    • Stabilisers
    • Node points for handrails
    • Mirror brackets
    • Turbine guide rings
    • Pump and turbine wheels

Tel.: (+49) 036651 84-0
Fax: (+49) 036651 2528